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    Hey there,

    i got an issue while using moss in r6s. with every picture taken, my fps drops for 2-3 sec from around 160 fps to 20 fps.

    hope we can fix this.



    I clearly do not have enough information from you to answer , post a sample log with video gpu and driver , machine cpu and the screenshots timing each () values in ms



    I will add to this post as I’m experiencing the same issue with Moss. Whenever a screenshot is taken at 120 sec Rainbow 6 Setting, there is a massive fps/lag in the game.

    PC- 4790k, 16GB ram, AMD R9 380

    here is my log file




    ” at 120 sec ” whatdo you mean with that ?

    anyway could you try the beta (x64 only for now ) , it a new version but the change has nothing to do with screenshot part



    120 seconds is the screenshot interval default set for Rainbow 6. That means every 120 seconds that a screenshot is taken, the FPS drop happens.

    I’m currently on the x64 version and I’ve had this issue since I started using Moss. (3 different versions)

    I will try the beta but i dont expect any difference.



    At first sorry for my bad english xD.
    I know there are a lot of questions about this theme but i need help xD
    My hole Team have problems with moss in the DSBL. We all have FPS drops and a smooth mouse.
    My specs :
    Intel i7 6700 4x 4.00ghz
    1060 Zotac 6 gb
    16gb hyperx fury ram

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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